Dr. Jeni Gustafson and her pug

Dr. Jenifer Gustafson DVM & Carl (Pug)

Dear Fellow Dog Lover,

Having a dog in your family should be fun. I love my dogs but taking them outside my house was a nightmare. I did not have a fence and if a neighbor was outside or a deer was in the yard; my dogs would run out of the yard. So, in order to keep them safe, we would take them out on leashes. This was an event our neighbors loved to watch. Imagine seeing one person trying to control 5 dogs on leashes at the same time. Fortunately, I met Mike and Shannon and learned about DogWatch and the hidden underground fencing system. They explained the benefits of the FM signal used in the DogWatch system and the ability to control the intensity level for each dog. The reliability of the DogWatch system and the service they provide makes it the best system available in this area. They came out and trained my dogs and taught me how to reinforce the training when needed. They are very quick to answer my questions and have solved the solitary problem I had with one of my dogs.

The most important thing DogWatch has given me and my family is regaining the fun of having a dog again. We are able to play outside and even lounge leisurely in the yard with the dogs now. The dogs are more active, less stressed and in better shape with the increase in physical activity. They are happier being allowed to romp in the yard with each other and with the whole family. I wish I had learned of DogWatch earlier. I highly recommend this system to my clients and place an information brochure in every puppy pack we give to new dog owners.

Dr. Jenifer Hope Gustafson, DVM – Atlanta, GA
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