Dr Bangle Abbott

Dr. Jeff Bangle DVM & Abbott (Labrador Retriever)

Dear Brent & Mike:
I just wanted to drop you a follow up note regarding the fence system you installed at my house in October 2005. All is working very well. My dog, Abbott, is now 1 year old, and she learned the system within 2 days. She is tested almost daily with natural distractions (birds, other dogs outside the fence, and of course her favorite tennis ball), which I can now say that I am confident she will not pursue any of these things. She knows her boundary, and I can actually watch her steer clear. She seldom even activates the audible signal.

Thanks for your professional assistance with detailing, installing and training on our hidden fence system. The product is the best on the market and works great!

Dr. Jeff Bangle, DVM – Athens, GA