dr hannis Mize sugar lab

Dr. Hannis Mize DVM & Sugar (Labrador Retriever)

Invisible Fence Trade-In

Dear DogWatch,

We are so pleased with our DogWatch Hidden Fence! Thank you so much for providing us with peace of mind that our dogs are now staying safely in the yard.

As you know, we originally had an Invisible Fence® system installed several years ago by Atlanta Dog Fencing. We regularly experienced issues with that product as it never really worked for us. Their fence would break all the time and when it was working my dogs would regularly run right through it. We also got tired of changing the collar batteries so often. Several of my neighbors have the DogWatch Hidden Fence system. They love the 2-year battery life and that their dogs never leave the yard. Thanks to them we decided to make the switch.

From the first day you came out to install the new DogWatch® fence we saw a major change in Sugar & Nicholas. After they learned the new yard boundary neither of them has gotten out of the yard one single time! Another great bonus for us is that your fence has been in place since last fall and it hasn’t broken one time. Clearly, you folks provide a higher quality workmanship, as well as product. I also haven’t had to change the collar batteries one time yet – this is great! I wish we had gone with you to begin with…

We are pleased to endorse your product and services at our two veterinary offices. Between the 2 year battery life, the built-in lightning protection and higher quality workmanship, anyone considering a hidden pet fence should choose DogWatch over the other options, every time!

Dr. Hannis Mize, DVM – Alpharetta, GA
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