Dr Baker and Lady

Dr. Christine Baker DVM & Lady (Dachshund)

Dear Fellow Dog Owner,

Are you in a situation where every time you let your dog into the yard you always worry that they won’t be there when you return? My husband and I were in this same situation until the installation of our DogWatch Hidden Fence. I am a veterinarian that practices emergency medicine. Every day I see between 2 to 5 dogs that have been hit by a car. These dogs have injuries that range from lacerations and bruises to broken bones and ruptured organs. Sadly, their medical expenses can cost thousands of dollars not to mention the pain the dogs must endure. These dogs could have been spared the pain and their owners the money if they were properly contained within their yard. My worst fear is to have one of my own dogs be hit-by-a-car or involved in some emergency crisis. I chose the DogWatch Hidden Fence to help prevent this from occurring and am so glad that I did.

Three years ago my husband and I adopted a Dachshund from an emergency clinic where I was working at the time. After adopting her, we quickly discovered that she would bolt if she was ever let off leash or if she slipped out of an open door. We looked at many brands of hidden fencing and chose DogWatch because of the long battery life, excellent lightning protection, and FM digital signal. Stephanie at DogWatch guided us through the installation of our hidden fence which was professional and effortless on our part. She gave personal instructions on using the fence and training the dogs.

The DogWatch Hidden Fence works like a dream. The other day “Lady” was chasing a squirrel and came to a dead stop before she reached the “uncomfortable zone”, it is so amazing to watch. She has slipped out the front door on numerous occasions but instead of running for the hills, she just walks around the front yard. I can’t tell you how happy we are with DogWatch. Nothing can replace the piece of mind we now have when we let the dogs outside. For your own piece of mind and for your dog’s safety, we recommend the DogWatch Hidden Fence.


Dr. Christine Baker, DVM & Family – Dunwoody, GA