The world’s safest, most advanced hidden pet fence!


DogWatch® hidden fences keep your pets safe and are safe for your pets.​​


Our indoor pet fences work wherever you need them, quietly & effectively.


DogWatch® provides a range of training solutions for every pet, regardless of size.

What’s special about DogWatch?

While the outward purpose of an invisible fence is to keep your dog contained, it’s really about giving your furry friend some freedom. If you tend to keep your dog leashed during trips outside for fear of an escape attempt, an invisible fence provides the security you need to let them run and play to their heart’s content, even if you don’t have a physical barrier.

Superior Technology, Features & Safety

DogWatch® Hidden Fence technology stands out from all the other dog fence brands. We are the ONLY hidden fence that uses an FM frequency – all other hidden dog fences operate on an AM signal. Our patented SafeLink® Digital FM signal is a safer, more secure signal, and you’ll only find it at DogWatch
DogWatch Hidden Fences include safety features such as AutoMemory® and FastReact® – which you won’t find in other brands. Additionally, DogWatch uses a ‘Distance-based’ correction trigger rather than a ‘Time-based’ trigger. This provides a more reliable and consistent boundary for your pet — no surprises, no confusion.

Greatest Value in the Industry

DogWatch® is a better investment value than other brands of Hidden Pet Fencing. With our TWO year collar-battery life, fewer service calls due to higher quality installations, FULL external lightning protection, and a Lifetime Equipment Warranty included, the $ comparison always adds up in favor of DogWatch. The customer who does their homework up front always goes with DogWatch!

The Experience to Create Happy Customers

DogWatch® has been surrounding dogs with freedom and safety since 1990. Our hidden fences have safely contained all types of dogs and pet personalities and are used by veterinarians and other pet professionals all over the world.
We are committed to providing you with customer service that matches the quality of our products. Referrals from happy customers are a large part of our business so customer service and on-going support are two of our biggest priorities.

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