Dixe Higgins lab

Dixie (Labrador Retriever)

Dear Stefanie & Staff,

Dixie is doing so good on the fence….just like you said. I am still amazed when I look out the window and see her chasing a squirrel and then see her stop on a dime as the squirrel crosses the boundary line. She has not tested it once since it was installed 6 months ago. Please use me a reference as I am one VERY happy customer and I can honestly say I was the ultimate “skeptic” that this would work for my dog and now I am a true “believer” in your product. I hope you and your family have a great holiday and please tell the installer, Ryan that I was very impressed with how meticulous and attention to detail he was when installing our fence. You all at DogWatch have your act together! I am attaching a photo of Dixie for you. Enjoy.

Thanks again,
Marlena Higgins – Marietta, GA
770-842-1307 /