happy customer debra lewie

Debra Lewis & Lewie (King Charles Spaniel)

Pet Stop Trade-In

Dear Dog Watch,

Thank you so much for restoring my peace of mind.  I’m so glad I found you and that you were able to help us keep our beloved “Lewie” permanently safe at home.  It’s extremely comforting to know that companies still exist who deliver on the promises made to their customers and that provide top rate services and products.

We had been a Pet Stop customer for several years.  However, over time their level of customer service had diminished.  We decided to look into other available options.  We were very pleased to learn about DogWatch.  We had no idea there was such better technology available.  We are very impressed with your FM product and absolutely love the two year battery life on the collar.  We are looking forward to no longer having to purchase and change Lewie’s collar-batteries so often.  Also, the built-in lightning protection you provide is a major plus since we have so many large trees on our property.

Best of all, we are extremely pleased with your excellent level of customer service and attention to detail.  The quality and professionalism of your product installation is really impressive.  Our Pet Stop system had been inoperable for several weeks and the day after I contacted Dog Watch you came out, repaired my fence and got our system up and running once again.  Now that is customer service!

Please feel free to give our name to future customers as a reference for you.  We are extremely happy with our switch to Dog Watch and look forward to enjoying the benefits of your products and service for years to come.


Debra Lewis – Marietta, GA