The Challenges With DIY Invisible Fence Installation

Since they first appeared in the 1970s, many dog owners have turned to invisible electric fences to help keep their pets safe. As the demand for them has increased, there has been a rise in do-it-yourself options that have flooded the market. You’ve probably noticed the abundance of DIY invisible fence kits available in stores and online promising professional results for a fraction of the price. But how well do these kits work and should you ever install a system yourself?

How Hidden Fences Work

Outdoor hidden fence systems use a radio signal to keep your dog either within or outside of a specified area. They are created by burying a “boundary wire” a few inches underground around the space. The wire carries a low-level radio signal that emits a warning signal (typically audible or vibration) to the receiver collar that the dog is wearing. If the pet continues beyond that point, it will receive a mild but safe stimulation (also called a “correction”) from the receiver collar.

hidden fence systems operation

Challenges of Self Installation

While a DIY invisible dog fence can operate in the same general way as a professionally installed setup, there are a few obstacles that you must overcome before you begin to see the results you are looking for. Some of these challenges include:

Locating Utilities 

Since the boundary wire needs to be buried underground, it’s important to know where your utilities are located. This prevents you from damaging them while installing your invisible fence as well as having to have your fence dug up should your utilities need to be repaired.

Setting Up the Transmitter

As the signals are produced via a transmitter, you must ensure that the transmitter is installed properly in your home or garage and that everything is in working order before relying on it to secure your dog. Neglecting to do so can cause serious issues later on.

Ground Preparation

Once you have marked out the area you would like to keep your dog inside, you must make sure that it falls within the range of the transmitter. You must also ensure that there are no metal objects between the transmitter and boundary wire as they can disrupt the signal.


In order for the hidden fence to be effective, the dog must understand how it works. Oftentimes, DIY invisible fence kits come with instructions that are vague and difficult to understand, making it nearly impossible to appropriately use them.


As with any piece of equipment, there will be a time when your DIY invisible fence fails to work properly or you have difficulties setting up an element. When this happens, you may need professional assistance to correct the problem, something that is not easy to come by with the provided 1-800 number provided with a kit.

Why Hire a Professional Hidden Fence Installer 

Profence outdoor hidden dog fences

Though there are countless DIY projects that can be completed around your home, when it comes time to install a hidden fence, hiring a professional is the only way to ensure that everything is done correctly. Typically, a DIY hidden fence installation results in having to contact an expert to come out and fix oversights. A hidden fence installation expert can help you avoid costly mistakes and common issues by doing the hard work for you and continuing to help even after the installation is complete.

High-Quality Products

DIY electric fence kits are usually offered at a lower price point and can be found on the shelves while doing your normal grocery shopping, making them appealing to a wide audience. However, it is important to remember that you are often trading product quality for affordability. Important safety features and the overall lifespan of the product may be greatly reduced when purchasing a kit off of a store shelf. When the safety and security of your beloved pet is relying on a hidden fence, you should not have to worry about whether or not the system will quit working at a critical moment.

Professional Installation

On top of preventing headaches during installation, you can also avoid money wasted when the system inevitably has to be replaced. For example, it is not uncommon for the team at DogWatch® to replace at least three DIY installations every month. With a professional installation, you can rest assured that everything has been done correctly the first time.

Assistance with Training

Invisible fences require time and effort to be spent training the dogs so that it functions as intended and keeps your pets safe. After the installation is complete, a qualified professional will work with you to make sure that your pet receives the proper training required to make the fence effective. For pet owners with limited dog training experience, this assistance alone can be worth the added cost of professional installation.

Customer Service

Though talking to a knowledgeable representative over the phone can be helpful whenever you have a problem, you may be left with questions that cannot be answered and repairs or adjustments that you have to make yourself. One of the biggest advantages of a professionally-installed electronic dog fence is that you have someone on hand who can provide you with personalized assistance, on the phone or in person.


One of the most important questions you can ask while shopping for an invisible fence of any kind is whether or not it comes with a warranty. Not only do you want a system that will last for years, but also a guarantee that if something were to break or malfunction, it will be replaced.

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