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Chad Corn & Snoopy (Beagle) Invisible Fence Trade-In

Dear Dog Lovers,

I recently switched to DogWatch Hidden Fence from the Invisible Fence® brand. I had been an Invisible Fence® customer for the previous 8 years. My issues with Invisible Fence® began when they recently told me I needed all new hidden fence wire installed around my entire home, and they were going to charge me over $3,100 to do the work. This seemed highly unreasonable to me so I replaced all the wire myself..

Invisible Fence® collar-batteries are very expensive and you need to buy them often. We have two dogs, and Invisible Fence® charged us $165 per year to supply batteries for their collars. With DogWatch I only have to change the collar-batteries ONCE every 2 years. This will save me over $150 per year in battery costs.

I learned of DogWatch from a client of mine who was also their customer. From the very start DogWatch has been accommodating to the needs of my business. I really appreciate the way they have worked with me to help me out. They very quickly and professionally switched me over to the DogWatch Hidden Fence system, and now I’m a proud partner.

I’m much happier with DogWatch as their customer service has been great. Some time after the DogWatch system electronics had been installed in my home I experienced a problem with the hidden fence wire in the yard (not from DogWatch). I called them and requested a service call. Even though it was early evening on a Friday, they made the trip out to my home and repaired the wire for me. I couldn’t believe the dedication to their customers this demonstrated!

I’m glad to recommend DogWatch of Metro Atlanta to all of my clients and friends. My dogs and I are grateful to DogWatch for becoming our “new” hidden fence company.

Chad Corn – Owner
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