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Happy Customer: Dr Bower

Dr. Joanna Bower DVM & Karma, Kismet, Perry (Blood / Coon Hounds)

Dear DogWatch, Thank you to everyone at Atlanta DogWatch for assisting and installing our hidden fence! We moved to this home in August and installed a 5 foot (above ground) fence to confine our dogs, but needed some help… Our biggest issue was dealing with fence aggression between our Bloodhounds and our neighbors’ Standard Poodles. …

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Golden Retriever Molly Murphy

Molly (Golden Retriever)

Invisible Fence Trade-In Dear Dog Lovers, We had been Invisible Fence customers for many years, never having issues with their system…until we brought Molly home, our energetic, loving, and very intelligent Golden Retriever pup. Molly badly wanted to play with the dog that lived across our street and would stare longingly at his yard each …

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Calvin Denning

Calvin (Mixed Breed)

Invisible Fence Trade-In Dear Fellow Dog Lover, My family has two 2-legged kids and two 4-legged kids. We all love being outside. We can tell our 2-legged kids to stay in the yard and they do (most of the time). But our 4-legged kids tended to wander, especially our lab/bloodhound mix who has since 6 …

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