Calvin Denning

Calvin (Mixed Breed)

Invisible Fence Trade-In

Dear Fellow Dog Lover,

My family has two 2-legged kids and two 4-legged kids. We all love being outside. We can tell our 2-legged kids to stay in the yard and they do (most of the time). But our 4-legged kids tended to wander, especially our lab/bloodhound mix who has since 6 months old showed the tendency to roam. So we invested in the name brand Invisible Fence® when we moved here to Atlanta instead of a physical barrier fence. We have spent the last 18 months chasing Calvin and worrying that he would get hit by a car or lost because the Invisible Fence® would not contain him in our yard. He got out every time chasing a squirrel or the deer. The last straw came when he ran along the buried wire without acknowledging the correction he was receiving (or suppose to be receiving.

Fortunately, I remembered coming across the brochure on DogWatch Hidden Fence. After researching the product and talking with Brent and Shannon, I was convinced this was the product for us in helping to keep our “problem child” in our yard. So I purchased the product and have been pleased with it from Day 1. The feature that sold me on it the most was the FAST REACT response time. It stops Calvin Cold. With Invisible Fence®, Calvin would just run through it like it never existed. Though, Calvin still chases squirrels and deer, he stays in the yard. The other features; FM signal, extended battery life and the lightning protection are added bonuses for our family.

All in all, I have been pleased with everything from the installation, Brent and Shannon, and the product itself. Before we got the product, I thought we were destined to use a rope with Calvin to keep him safely in the yard. Now we can all play in the yard safely without the fear of Calvin running off or us getting tangled in his rope and getting hurt. We are a much happier family. Calvin is a much happier dog.

Thanks DogWatch Hidden Fence.

Sincerely Yours,

Kim Denning – Fayetteville, GA