Rottwieler Bruno & Boxer Zoey

Bruno & Zoey (Mix Breeds)

Invisible Fence Trade-In

Dear Dog Owners,

If you are trying to decide on which underground dog containment system to purchase, I highly recommend DogWatch over Invisible Fence®. Invisible Fence® worked fine for our first dog (an older Lab), but not for our new Boxer/Lab puppy. She was able to find a “dead space” in the line and kept running through it. It cost us $50+ each time the Invisible Fence® technician came out to change the collar voltage, and they never could resolve the issue.

DogWatch was able to use our old Invisible Fence® wire, change (and $$ credit) the Invisible Fence® dog collars with their new technology, and help us re-train our new Lab/Boxer. We can now change the DogWatch collar voltage by ourselves, thus finished the hidden fence training in 1 week. We also have another dog (Coon Hound) who was trained in 2 days on the DogWatch Hidden Fence.

Ryan (DogWatch Service Technician) was professional, thorough and patient (despite the pouring rain that day). We had some concerns in the following 2 weeks, but these issues were resolved with timely return phone calls. Again, I would highly recommend DogWatch.


Leslie Lanktree – Fayetteville, GA