Brent Jennings and Duncan

Brent Jennings & Duncan (Labrador Retriever)

Pet Stop Trade-In

Dear Dog Lovers,

In the past I have been a customer of both Invisible Fence and Pet Stop.  It has been quite a journey for me and my family to get where we are today, but we’ve finally found a Hidden Fence solution that really works.  Thank goodness for DogWatch Hidden Fences.

We originally purchased the Invisible Fence system when we first moved into our home.  At that time we had two large Labs that were fairly old, so the Invisible Fence system worked OK for the most part.  About a year after our second dog died we got another much younger Lab named Duncan.  Duncan was a bit smaller than our earlier Labs so we expected it would be easy to contain him with the Invisible Fence.  We were wrong!  Even the strongest collar that Invisible Fence could provide didn’t faze him at all.  He would walk right through the fence boundary any time he wanted like it wasn’t even there.  Invisible Fence could not contain Duncan in our yard.

Duncan is our fourth Lab and easily the toughest we’ve ever had.  We decided to try having him professionally trained to see if that would help us manage him better.  We took him to see XXXXX , a dog trainer in the area where we live.  We discovered that XXXXX also had a side business of installing Pet Stop Hidden Fences.  We thought that if he could train Duncan, maybe he could contain him as well…

XXXXX seemed like a good fellow at first.  He always wore church event t-shirts and he told us he was a preacher, so I chose to trust him.  He personally guaranteed every component of his system and assured us it would keep Duncan in the yard.  However, after several weeks of struggling with the Pet Stop system it clearly wasn’t working.  Duncan was still able to escape our yard and eventually went missing (for a while).  When I first contacted XXXXX about the problem he got a little nasty with me.  My dog was missing and I was upset, yet this guy was being a jerk to me…  His eventual response to the situation was to put a different (stronger) collar on Duncan and charge me over $400 for the “upgrade”.

Roughly two months later I discovered a crack in the casing of the new Pet Stop collar and needed it replaced via the warranty.  However, rather than warranty-swap the collar XXXXX instructed me to repair it myself with Gorilla glue.  Needless to say this was a bit surprising, but I complied.  A couple of weeks after that the collar stopped working so I contacted XXXXX again.  This time he insinuated that I was lying to him about the collar and everything went downhill from there…  By then I was completely angry, frustrated and regretting my decision to go with Pet Stop.

At that point we decided to try a different (third) Hidden Fence product.  We found DogWatch online and I gave Brent a call.  We have been extremely happy ever since!  I was skeptical at first, but have finally found peace when Duncan is outside.  Brent is responsive, honest and genuine.  After what I’ve been through take it from me, character is very hard to find these days.  Best of all, the DogWatch product really works for tough dogs.  Duncan hasn’t escaped our yard a single time since we made the switch to DogWatch.  Also, they have called me regularly to see how things are going – the best customer service we’ve ever seen with any Hidden Fence company.

My family has gone through a lot of stress and anxiety to get where we are now, but Duncan is finally contained in our yard.  We are extremely grateful to Atlanta DogWatch for helping us out of our mess with Pet Stop.  We highly recommend the DogWatch company and product.  They are without a doubt the best in the business!

Brent Jennings – Cumming, GA