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Bonnie Mantell & Maggie, Pretty Girl (Huskies)

Pet Stop Trade-In

Dear Dog Lovers,
I originally was a customer of Pet Stop but have recently switched to Atlanta DogWatch.  While living in my former home I picked Pet Stop for my hidden fence because they were the cheapest option.  I then moved to my current home and had them move my fence to the new location.  Since then I have become fed up with Pet Stop.
I realize now that the low up front price to install the Pet Stop fence was only a ruse.  Once they have you as a customer you have to replace their expensive batteries far too often, and they overcharge to repair the fence every time it breaks.  This was where we finally drew the line with Pet Stop.
In hindsight we regret our decision to go with them.  After we added up how much we had spent on the collar batteries plus the high repair charges, we realized we would have been better off going with another company to begin with.  That’s when we found Atlanta DogWatch.
We researched DogWatch and found they have a great reputation for delivering the highest quality product and services in the industry.  We really like the two year battery life for their collars – this will save us a lot of money and hassle in the future.  Plus, their service charges to repair the fence are very reasonable.  The DogWatch system costs a bit more than the others up front, but we will end up saving money (and headaches) over time by switching to them.
We recommend DogWatch to anyone considering a Hidden Fence, especially if you’re looking at Pet Stop.
Bonnie Mantell – Canton, GA