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Cats and Hidden Fences: Do They Work?

We all know that cats love to explore and can often be found climbing trees, scaling fences, and venturing into places they often shouldn’t go. So it’s no surprise that some pet owners have turned to hidden or underground dog

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How Do Invisible Pet Fences Work?

Some dogs just love to wander. And while we love a good walk around the neighborhood ourselves, we never want our pets to roam too far from home. Hidden or “invisible” dog fences are one of the best solutions for

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Can You Use a Hidden Fence Indoors?

Chances are if you’ve stumbled onto this page, you have a grasp on how an outdoor hidden dog fence works. These hidden pet boundaries are buried underground and use a signal receiver collar to alert your dog that they shouldn’t

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Are Invisible Fences Good for Dogs?

Many people ask “are hidden or invisible fences good for dogs?” Don’t spend another day chasing your precious pup up and down the road. When you need to keep your pets secure and you don’t want to deal with expensive

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