Dog Safety Tips

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Your dog is a beloved member of your family, just as much as any human relation. These four-legged friends provide unconditional love, companionship and joy throughout their lives, and all you want is to keep them happy, healthy and safe. Runaway pets are in a world of dangers. They can encounter poisons, get hit by cars, become abducted, or hurt someone out of fear.

It’s vital to take the right steps to protect your dog, and fortunately, there are plenty of resources to do just that. Read these important dog safety tips to keep your pet safe both at home and when you’re out and about, to ensure they have a long and happy life.


Dog Safety Tips

Owning a dog is a big responsibility. You need to be as careful keeping a pet safe as you do a child; they’ll get into the same kinds of trouble, and face similar risks. The best dog safety tips you can take involve collars and tags, microchipping, facial recognition, spaying and neutering, and protecting them in the yard and on the leash.


Collars and Tags

If you haven’t licensed your dog, what are you waiting for? This isn’t just an excuse for the city to get extra money. It’s an important safety method to protect your dog. Pet Collars and tags are the first line of defense on getting your pet back should they go missing.



If you’ve got your dog from a rescue, chances are they’re already chipped, as this is a standard procedure these days. If not, however, get a microchip. If your pet is already chipped, talk to the service where you got the chip, or to the rescue organization about keeping the information up to date. Scanning a chip will tell the scanner who the dog’s family is and how to get them home.


Facial Recognition

A newer technology, a service called Finding Rover actually uses facial recognition via an app to get your puppy home to you should they get lost. Register for this service; it’s not hard and it can protect your pet and help them find their way home.


Spaying and Neutering

There are far too many feral puppies and kittens running around, but even more than that, pets who are not spayed or neutered are far more likely to roam, looking for a mate. Spaying and neutering can help to keep your pet happily at home!


Protecting them at Home and Abroad

There are a range of electronic products that can help to train your pet and keep them safely at home. These include invisible hidden fences, indoor boundaries, leash training options, remote training collars and even no-barking trainers. Each of these can help not only keep your pet within reach and within control, they can when properly used help to train them how to behave properly.

DogWatch provides a complete range of pet training and safety products to keep your dog happy and healthy. For more information, read about the services we have available and contact us today!