5 Reasons Why A New Family Should Get A Trained Protection Dog

New parents have a lot to worry about. Between baby-proofing your home and caring for your child, there are a lot of hats to wear in between. Wouldn’t it be great to have another set of eyes on your newborn at all times? A trained protection dog will rise to the occasion in keeping your baby and yourself safe 24/7, as well as become a reliable and lovable member of your family.

1. Better Than An Alarm System

security dogDogs can hear four times better than humans, which means they can pick up sounds as far as 440 yards away. A fully-trained protection dog will utilize this advantage and detect danger long before a regular home system would.

Depending on the amount of training the dog has received, it may be able to perform necessary perimeter checks independently from your command. When you’re first introducing your dog to your yard and establishing the range of land you want them to protect, it’s a good idea to install a Hidden Dog Fence. This will ensure an easy learning curve for both you and your protection dog.

2. Go Pretty Much Anywhere You Go

Protection dogs can accompany you where you need them the most, like in banks, shopping centers, and parking lots. Their ability to focus and detect danger in situations where a lot of activity is going on makes them the perfect companion for you in these places.

3. Calmly And Efficiently Handle Any Command

By the time a protection dog gets to your family, it is equipped with the tools it needs to properly react to any situation. It will be able to obey any command you give no matter what is happening in the background. When you are in a life-threatening situation, it can be difficult to think clearly. A protection dog has special training for these circumstances and will do what is needed to keep you and your family safe.

4. More Than Just A Pet

A regular pet makes a great companion for any family, but sometimes you need an extra layer of safety that only a certified protection dog can provide. These canines can play with your kids in the yard during the day, and keep watch over your family at night. They will give you a professional level of security that you can’t find in a regular pet. You truly are getting the best of both worlds when you get a protection dog.

5. An Excellent Family Companion

A protection dog will make a great friend for your child as they grow up. The years that you have the dog in your family will be spent feeling as if you are one unit, because the dog isn’t just your pet, it’s part of your family. It has been trained to protect you and be loyal to your household. The love you discover for this dog will be reciprocated with security, affection, and respect.

Whether you’re looking for a trained dog or just a regular pooch for your family to love, it’s important to determine where you want your four-legged companion to spend most of their time. Allowing them to utilize your yard to either roam or survey the area for danger is beneficial for both you and the dog.

It’s especially important for a protection dog to be able to use all of their senses when it comes to spotting and eliminating a threat. When your dog is checking your home’s perimeter for danger, you don’t want them to be hindered by a big, tall wooden fence. DogWatch® provides customizable solutions when it comes to installing Hidden Dog Fences that work well with any landscape. Contact us today and ask about how we can help you make your home safer and more efficient for you and your protection dog! 770-753-2662

Frequently Asked Questions About Hidden Fences

The DogWatch® pet containment system is based on a radio signal and, therefore, is NOT an electric fence! The DogWatch underground wire is not electrified. Rather, the wire operates via the safest FM radio signal.
Yes, you can! DogWatch® hidden pet fences can be utilized for both dogs and cats. Learn more here.